Lampwick Irish Cream Ale:  The Irish created Cream Ales because they couldn’t wait the 6 weeks it took to make a lager.”  (Actually) is a North American specialty that is somewhat of a hybrid in style.  The resultant brew has the unchallenging crisp characteristics of a light pale lager, but is endowed with a hint of the aromatic complexities that ales provide.  We use an English Yeast in ours to add some residual sweetness, which we believe pairs wonderfully with Texas style BBQ.    5.0 % alcohol by volume.  Approximate IBU:  12.

Cascade Pale Ale:  Lady luck delivered some whole leaf cascade hops, so we dry hopped this beer with them.  The resulting brew is very fragrant and slightly higher in alcohol than our Session (Light) pale ale.  Our session Pale Ale will be back soon, until then enjoy this amazingly aromatic pale ale.  5.2 % alcohol by volume  Approximate IBU 35.

Pugilist Chocolate Porter:  Dark style of beer originating in London in the 18th Century. Named as a result of its popularity with street and river porters.  Our Chocolate Porter is made with extra Chocolate malt and an English strain of yeast which enhances the malty and chocolate sweetness on the palate.  American influenced with Columbus and Cascade hops make for a wonderfully complex drinkable beer.  Make no mistake though this is a bigger beer.  Alcohol by volume 5.5%  approximate IBU 28.

The Gambler American Amber:    Drifting slightly outside of traditional guidelines, our amber has less of a sweet note and more hops to make it fit perfectly with the rest of the line-up.  If you are looking for something a little more complex but not overwhelming this is the perfect beer.  Expect a stronger hoppy amber.  Alcohol by vol.  5.6%  Approximate IBU 37

Hangman’s Imperial IPA:  Any last requests?  Maybe three pints of our IPA and you won’t feel what that hangman is about to deliver.  This is a big beer, yet very drinkable.  Cascade, Summit, and Northern Brewer hops, proved a fantastic citrusly aroma and taste to sweet yet strong beer.  Alcohol by Volume 9.65%  Approximate IBU 45.


Strong Dark Ale:   Sometimes referred to as old ales, or stock ales these beers tend to have more alcohol and a robust malty flavor.  Deep amber in color, these brews generally have a sweet malty palate and a degree of fruitiness.  Since these to mimic English ales from centuries ago this style has much room for American Interpretation.  If “bottled conditioned,” strong ales can improve for some years in bottle, in some cases eventually obtaining Sherry-like notes.   We usually drink our before they get a change to age too much ;)       6.4% Alcohol by volume.  Approximate IBU  50.

Belgian Summer Wit (Session Wheat Beer): A Belgian Summer mainstay, this beer appears white in the glass.  Wheat malt and genuine Celis yeast develop the tart profile with a hint of clove that makes this beer so unique.  Enjoyed with a slice of orange or on its own, this is a great summer session beer.   4.2% Alcohol by volume.   IBU 14

Belgian Scotch Ale: We love to occasionally bend the “old rules” of brewing.  So, we took our traditional Scotch Ale recipe and fermented with LaChouffe Belgian yeast.  The resultant  will  have a predominantly malty taste (typical of scotch ales) paired with mild fruitiness and some complex spicy characters created by this special Belgian yeast.  Approximate Alcohol by volume 6%         Approximate IBU 15.                  Projected Release June 13th

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