Sheriff Henry Plummer's Outlaw Brewing - About

After pouring in Belgrade for 3 years we are pleased to now be open in Bozeman!

Our Skill

Owner and Brewer Todd Hough: Like Thomas Jefferson, Todd is a native Virginian and loves his country. The similarities pretty much end there. Todd has been a ski bum, owned a bus company, run his own construction firm, and even worked as a stockbroker. By late 2011, however, his other careers had to step aside for his true passion: beer. Todd opened Outlaw Brewing in a tiny corner of a barbeque restaurant in Belgrade with a tiny budget and huge ambitions. His beer making expertise grew, along with a superlative mustache that still graces his lip to this day. By the end of 2013 Todd decided to go all in and purchased the parcel of land where Outlaw currently sits. Throughout 2014 Todd oversaw Outlaw, was the general contractor for the new facility, and continued his duties as husband and father of two. The man likes to multiĀ­task. While he’s no Thomas Jefferson, he is our founding father, so raise your glass to this mustachioed, beerĀ­slinging Outlaw!

Tasting Room Boss Eve Jensen: When the Outlaws packed up and moved to the big city (yeah, that’s you, Bozeman), the need for a charismatic wrangler of the masses presented itself. They found Eve, regaled her with tales of the Outlaw lifestyle, fed her a few pints, and she signed up. Hailing from rural Wisconsin, Eve has that midwestern warmth that makes us all want to stay for another round, but also the tenacity to keep a bunch of rough and tumble Outlaws in line.